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Fanta Flesh sex toys that feel even better than the real thing!

Just when the ladies, and men with cock fantasies, thought that Pipedream Extreme had forgotten about them, they come up with the sexiest stud around! The Fuck Me Silly Dude at 3XToys is Pipedream’s ultimate cock for pleasure in various positions. This bad boy is always hard and ready for action when you are!

Fuck Me Silly Dude! Mega Masturbator

Get ready to get wet and wild, ladies! Get him nice and wet with some sexy sucking. Feel free to give those soft, realistic balls a squeeze and lick while you’re at it! You are bound to be dripping with excitement after just a few minutes with his giant 8 inch cock!


Tips before you start

Before you start exploring your sexual fantasies with your new stud, make sure that you wash him off thoroughly just as you would any toy. An antibacterial toy cleaner is essential for all sex toys and, along with a little warm water, you will be ready to go in no time!

The Moist Lube from Pipedream Products is also particularly suitable for Fanta Flesh and other toys. You should avoid using other lubricants as they could have less than desirable effects on the material itself.

The Moist Lube is also really easy to wash off which makes clean up a breeze. Remember to apply some Revive Powder once your toy is completely dry. This powder helps to preserve the life of your toy so that you can enjoy as much use of it as possible.


Taking it to the next level

This handsome lover will never utter a word that you don’t want to hear. He will service your sexy needs at a moment’s notice and he won’t stop until you say the word! He is also the perfect playmate to add the mix when you want to enjoy a safe and erotic threesome fantasy with your lover.

His chest is chiselled, his abs are defined and his ass is oh so tight. Run your hands all over his body and enjoy the most realistic sex toy you have ever had the pleasure to experience!

You can do anything with him that you would do with a real man. If you are in the mood for some double penetration, get your lover to join in or add your dildo or vibrator to the mix! The possibilities are endless!